Our Story

By Eve five years: August 2014 

As soon as I was old enough to understand, my grandfather Jacques told me that at home, they were 10 children and my great-grandparents John and Diane Lamoureux cultivated the land with the help of these in what we now call downtown Ste-Julie, there is of it over 60 years. The family home was located at 514 Montée Saint-Bruno (Jules Choquet ...). The village then had fewer than 1,200 inhabitants and John boasted that: "We are fed the village of Sainte-Julie with our fresh vegetables. That is why it appears as many people healthy and strong. "

My grandfather told me that he had spent his childhood dream by watching two majestic mountains (Saint-Hilaire and Saint-Bruno) and playing Zorro with great aunt Manon in fields of sweet corn. He also explained to me how the family lived: the hundreds of jars of jams and hundreds of "ca-canes canned" vegetables that my great-grandmother Diane was to feed the family. He told me that when "my uncles / aunts my" came the visit of the city, they never went away empty-handed; their car trunks were filled with vegetables at harvest time. My great grandparents shared abundance saying that their would be good to eat fresh vegetables and they would spend a winter without getting sick! 

Genevieve mom also told me that his grandfather Saint-Rémi Laurent Pinsonneault had cultivated vegetables there all his life. Then two years before I was born, in 2007, Dad and Mom Jean-Sebastien decided to put forward their project: "The Gardens of the Grand Coteau." Mom had spent his childhood playing in the fields and picking zucchini, tomatoes and beans and also told me how she and Dad met and how she loved the song by Folks "Dégénérations" ".. .and night you dream of having your little piece of land. "She explained that in the same way you sow a seed in the ground and that takes care of, we can do the same with ideas. 

It's like what mom and dad, there is eight, was put under that great grandmother Isola Hood Williams often said, like "Faith moves mountains, when you want you can , you reap all the time what you sow ... working hard to achieve your dreams while being jealous of anyone ... "

Mom and Dad bought 50 acres of land, presented a project that was accepted by the CPTAQ, MAPAQ and financial farm, began growing vegetables, planted pine (generously donated by their mentors, Victor and Cecilia Lecavalier, owners of the farm's Paradise vegetable Brigham, to form a windbreak). Then they planted tomatoes, sowed turnips, planted apple and pear trees ... They are built the barn, house and another barn, a chicken coop and always like the good old days with the help of an uncle (Normand Lamoureux, extremely generous) and cousin Philippe Lamoureux and with the help of volunteers, people at heart so big that are not afraid to help without expecting anything in return except our love. 

So us, me, my two sisters, Rose 7 months, 3 years Jeanne and brother Olivier 2, who are so happy to live on the family farm; to see our hens lay our cock crow and two mountains in the distance remind us of the importance of taking care of our nature and conserve it for future generations. 

Me, my brother and my sisters are happy to invite you to our home, our farm 620 Main Street, where we grow vegetables and responsible where even the weeds are respected for their usefulness. 

It took eight years to my parents to get a website, so how many times Dad and mom can live without excessive debt? 

Surely, this will depend among other things on awareness of the surrounding population who might decide to promote local agriculture and local instead of buying products from elsewhere in the summer. Meanwhile, as it my grandpa Jacques "We must work: it does not die." 

I often see my great-grandfather in a dream with his family, his harmonica in his mouth and violin, happy on his land, as now. 

Discover our enjoyment of life, our secrets and our recipes. Come and share our dreams and sad fact that there are fewer and fewer bees ... 

Eve Lamoureux, 5 years.